Health Guidance

Health and fitness are inextricably connected. Statera personal trainers can help you achieve your overall health-related goals.

Massage Therapy

There are many ways that massage therapy can benefit the human body. When added to your workout regimen, massage therapy can ease muscle tension, increase your range of motion, relieve stress and reduce pain.

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Metabolic Testing

What is your optimal heart rate training zone? How do you know what type of calories, carbs or fat you are burning during your workouts? How many calories do you need to eat every day to lose, maintain or gain weight? These are some of the questions that can be answered through VO2 max and metabolic testing conducted by a Statera Fitness trainer. If you want to "know the numbers" that can guide you to more effective, goal-driven workouts, this is where to begin.

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Nutritional Counseling

Balanced fitness should extend beyond weights and cardio exercise, into the fuel you put into your body. Nutritional coaching can provide you the tools and information you need to achieve any fitness goal - from weight loss to specialty dietary needs to general well-being.

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Rehabilitative Training

Following injury, illness or surgery, it can be scary (but important!) to return to a routine of physical activity. Statera Fitness trainers can collaborate with your physicians and physical therapists to develop a fitness program that safely restores your strength, endurance and mobility. Many people suffering chronic pain or fatigue due to conditions such as fibromyalgia find their symptoms can be greatly relieved through a customized exercise program. Before starting a new fitness routine or returning to your exercise program following any health event, please consult with your physician and talk to our trainers.